When a parent is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family is affected by the diagnosis.  The Mom of Many Hats Book & Project (MOM-H) is a global health initiative that helps children affected by a parent battling cancer.  The book and its initiative offer both a healing literary experience as well as empowering ideas and age-appropriate actions for children to take.

The book is currently being translated into Spanish, to help families in Latin America who are coping with the cancer diagnosis.  We anticipate that Mama y la fiesta de los sombreros will reach its Latin American audience in 2013.  Following the Spanish edition will be the Portuguese edition. 

The Spanish and Portuguese editions of this touching children’s book are our educational response to the 2011 UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).  Of the four main types of NCDs burdening the Americas, cancer ranks the second highest. 

As the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) says,

“For action on NCDs to succeed, a whole-of-society approach is needed that requires all sectors, including health . . . education . . . and others to work together to reduce the causes and risks associated with NCDs . . .”

We hope our heartfelt book helps children worldwide cope with this journey.

Mom of Many Hats


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